Statement Pieces

Statement Pieces
We offer a variety of different sizes, shapes, colours & flower arrangements.

Our Acrylic Plinths can be placed in any position and look fantastic. Options can include led light, flower or silk flower arrangements and candelabra's.  $40.00 +GST to hire. Delivery/setup and collection fees may apply. 

Great to use as an entry statement of beside a bridal table - Silk flowers come in neutrals colours with greenery - add some colour if you wish. $220.00 + GST to hire Delivery/setup & collection fees will apply

Judy is 61cm tall plus the floral arrangement, keep them white's & green's or add a splash of colour. $85.00 + GST to hire Delivery/Set up & Collection fees including a hire bond may apply. 

As pictured Chloe comes in White at 60cm tall plus the florals. Whites & greenery included, add some colour for no extra. $70.00 + GST to hire Delivery/setup and collection fees may apply, including a hire bond... 

Our Gorgeous Pygmy Vases together with the silk florals look great on one of our pedestals as an entry statement or even in front of a bridal table. Florals come in neutral colours with greenery, some colour may be added...